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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RSVP-Online.com do?

  • You choose your questions and wording, review and approve.
  • We give you a link to send out to your invitees.
  • They access and answer the questions.
  • You download their answers in a spreadsheet format and analyse it as suits you.

Possible uses for RSVP-Online.com?

The service is suited to any questionnaire, survey or invitation where collation and further use of the data captured is required.

  • Delegate registration
  • Post event appraisal
  • Quiz
  • Staff or client survey
  • Product or service enquiries

Why use online data capture?

  • Save time and money collecting, collating and analysing responses
  • Avoid having to decipher illegible handwriting
  • Less chance of misplacing responses
  • Ease of management

Why choose RSVP-Online.com?

Backed by the commitment and dedication to service of The Concerto Group with 20 years experience in making technology work for event management solutions.

We provide a proven data capture engine that allows you to post questionnaires both quickly and efficiently online in a bespoke and professional manner without entering into the costs and pitfalls of designing your own solution from the ground up.

How does the service work?

You can either choose from one of our cost effective templates, which allow you to get your site up and running quickly.

Or you can use our bespoke service to design your own front end and personalise the questions in line with your requirements.

How do I get my first site up and active?

Contact us on 0870 220 6328 or send an email to sales@rsvp-online.com and we will help you get there.

How much will it cost?

From �50 excluding VAT and subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions